The Nautilus

19,999 leagues under the sea. My version of the Nautilus. This one took a long time to do in Groboto. The underwater effect and bubbles were added in Photoshop.


Here Comes the Beat

Remember the days of boom boxes? OK, most of you are too young to remember them. Today, small is in: iPods, Shuffles, Nanos, but someday in the future BIG will be in again. In the future when anti-gravity units are common, big and bulky won't be seen as a negative, but the BIGGER, the BETTER!

Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop


The Arrival

Cephalopod aliens from outer space! Repurposed some elements from an older piece moving from under the sea to outer space. Created completely in Groboto.



Playing around with a program called Groboto. It's a fun 3D program, and I'm just learning the basics of how it works. The background was done with Photoshop.


Time Flies

One more sketch. Trying to get the hang of using a tablet. Something about time and flying...

Bright Ideas

After updating to Leopard, my tablet no longer worked. After a long search and installing an updated driver, the tablet is again operational. Here's sketch number 2!!!!!