Something else I'm working on... let's call him Steamie for now. The body was made out of PVC pipe and an Xmas ornament. Then I sculpted arms and legs using wire and epoxy clay. The arms are attached using magnets which allow some articulation. Bobbins, styrene and wire management hose make up the wheels. Paint to come.


Hmmm, it's almost the end of the year again. In addition to oil painting this past semester, I enrolled in a printmaking class. We learned various techniques including drypoint, etching, aquatinting, lino block printing and lithography. It was pretty complicated and technical at first, but when we finally got to print some pieces, it was well worth it. Take a look...

Evil Eye drypoint

King Eye etching

Evil Eye aquatint

Flower Girl etching

Daliphant lino block print

Muertos lino block print


Expanding my skills through oil painting

In all my years in the arts, I've never really done traditional canvas painting, so I decided to enroll in a painting class at the local community college. Oil painting has always felt like it might be more difficult, and smelly, compared to painting with acrylics, so I went with oils. It's almost the end of the semester and I've finished two paintings—I'll skip over the color and gradient charts we did. The first one is a still life and the second is a painting from a photograph I took a long time ago.