White Rabbot

Almost completed white Rabbot!

Octomickey Repaint

Some new photos of an old piece. I wasn't happy with the flesh colored face of Mickey, so I repainted the face a grey color. It's better, but it may need to be modified again.



Fresh off the press...my Manfish linoleum block prints! Did a test run yesterday. Started with some Speedball water-based ink that dried too quickly due to the warm weather, in spite of the use of a retarder to slow the drying. Switching to an oil-based ink yielded better results.

It wasn't always a manfish. Here's the original drawing when it was more fish-fish.


Steamie is ready for action!

Steamie got a coat of olive drab and some rust! A few modifications and touch-ups to go.

Rabbots B&W

Starting to paint the Rabbots! Will it be a white one and a grey one? White and Pink?