Queen of the Scrap Pile

After cutting some wood for another project, I was left with a pile of wood scraps, and she rose from it.


Octopus print

This is the last of the print-making projects for the semester. The original is a linoleum block cut. Image is 8"x10" black ink on Reeves BFK paper.


Blocking out a new project: Wallies

Working in a new direction based on the sketch below. Just started blocking out this piece using 2x4 scraps with my bandsaw. Love bandsaws!!!

Rabbot, Metallic version

Trying out a metallic paint scheme for the second Rabbot. Not sure if it's quite right, but will live with it for a while.


Skull Deer

A wooden block piece I'm working on... It started as a more typical deer, but I decided it needed some more punch and thus the big skull. The color was brighter at first, but I'm working on a darker overall coloration.