Robophant A47 Photos

Finally got around to shooting some better photos of the piece.



I found this cool dragonfly in the garden. In addition to the vivid red color, the tips of the wings are transparent. It's been hanging around the koi pond, so I decided to snap a few pictures. Amazingly, it just stayed there on the leaf, long enough for me to get some nice shots.

Shot with my aging Nikon D70 and a Tamron 90mm macro lens.


Robophant A47

The A47 Reconnaissance Robot. Armored body for use in unfriendly environments. The large eyes capture images in virtual darkness, while the long trunk aids in on-the-spot scientific sampling. Spherical "ears" allow for 360° surveillance and enhanced communications with the command center. Gyroscope-assisted propulsion allows mobility over most any type of terrain.

[Christmas ornaments, saline solution bottle, PVC pipe, and plastic tubing]


The Hexapod Updated

The Hexapod Droid. All smiles, but with a nasty disposition. Grinning face captivates enemy while they are gunned down by the six small weaponize tentacles. The flower tail has a high-intensity pulse laser for targeting armored vehicles and planes. Tail can be replaced with a grabber mechanism for pick-up missions.

After the first set of snapshots, I didn't feel the legs were quite finished, so I created some gun-like additions. Happy now.


The Hexapod

Finally complete! Introducing the Hexapod Droid.

[Christmas ornaments, PVC pipe, plastic tubing, and wiper blade parts. About 12" tall.]


Alcon 1 WIP

A couple of photos of my current project. Christmas ornaments, plastic tubing, and a contact lens solution bottle.



Work in Progress

I put aside the alphabet blocks for a bit and trying something different. Some plastic Christmas ornaments and PVC pipe. About 5" high.




Look what I made using a wooden alphabet block and some wire.



Growing up I used to love watching Ultraman on tv. Just a quick sketch.