Robophant A47

The A47 Reconnaissance Robot. Armored body for use in unfriendly environments. The large eyes capture images in virtual darkness, while the long trunk aids in on-the-spot scientific sampling. Spherical "ears" allow for 360° surveillance and enhanced communications with the command center. Gyroscope-assisted propulsion allows mobility over most any type of terrain.

[Christmas ornaments, saline solution bottle, PVC pipe, and plastic tubing]


  1. Dude these dudes are really awesome!

    Do you have a shop or do you sell them from your blog?
    I've started wrtiting a blog on customizing and I'm gonna do a post on your creations(hope thats ok?)... if you do have a shop or whatever let me know so I can link to it and send people your way... Ill send ya a message once I get it up...

    have a kick ass awesom day!



    Ps: These are my blogs

  2. Custom Empire (Adam) Thanks for the raving review! Haven't thought much about selling my stuff yet, but if people want to throw cash my way, who am I do deny them... Thanks, again!