Finally done with this piece! Overall, from a distance it looks good, but close up looks like crap. Painting turned out to be problematic. The line-work was done with paint pens. The black line-work was done with a black oil-based Sharpie pen while the white was done with a Japanese Zig Painty pen. The Sharpie performed very well despite the tip falling out a couple of times. The white pen was terrible! You could only draw a few lines before the tip started to dry out, which then required a resting period with the cap on before I could start again. Now that I know the Sharpies work well, I'll have to source some the next time I'm in the U.S.

Enjoy the pics...


Muertos WIP

Finally back to work on the projects started a few months back. Love the black Sharpie paint pen I've been using, but problems with the cheap white paint pen I bought locally...grrrr. Slow, messy progress.


Now to paint!

Just about done with gluing on all the pieces and now deciding on how to paint the pieces. A couple of new work-in-progress pics.


New works in progress

Pics of a couple of new pieces in progress. Wooden block figures with some cool wooden wheels I purchased earlier this year.


Raygun Gothic Rocketship

I was recently back in San Francisco and spent a lazy day wandering around the Embarcadero with some friends. I just love this sculpture called Raygun Gothic Rocketship.



Getting back from a short vacation—you know, my life is so tough—I checked my postings in Deviantart to see if I might have had a few more hits on my work, and noticed that there were over 800 new messages. I thought maybe there had been a lot of postings by others over the five days I was vacationing. Turns out Deviantart has something called Daily Deviations where they choose and feature artwork people have posted, and I was included a few days ago!

Normally, so much stuff gets posted on Deviantart that only a few people see and "favorite" my work before it gets drowned in the sea of submissions, so this is pretty exciting—not that the ten eleven of you that follow my blog isn't already an honor!

With all these people liking my work, I'd better stop vacationing and get back to working on some new projects.



Some decent photos of the finished piece. It's wired with LEDs in various places, but no fabulous pictures yet, so here are the daytime shots.



Mostly done. Trying to take some photos of it...

Mecha Walker

Loosely based on the sketch from my previous post. It's 17" high. The head is supposed to be attached using magnets so it can rotate, but the magnets I had weren't strong enough to hold it in place, so looking for some neodymium ones--can't find them here in the Philippines. :(

Head rotates. Held in place with a metal strip and magnets. 

Back of the head view.

Hatch on head opens to reveal the driver.


Project sketch

A sketch of one project I'm working on currently. See the last photo in the previous entry.


Work-in-Progress Pics

A few work-in-progress photos of two new projects. Slow and steady as she goes.