Under the Sea, Part II

This has taken much longer than I anticipated—learning as I go—but now the building part is complete! On to the painting!

From my original sketch, the elongated body in the first photos didn't work as nicely as I thought, so the body was shortened. The arms incorporating the flex-tubing that I used before was OK, but I wanted more articulation, so I went with a new design. The arms now bend and rotate at the elbow. I couldn't decide if I wanted clamps for the hands, so I built both, and they're attached with magnets... interchangeability! The helmet is attached using a magnet too, but the breathing tubes cut from the flexible neck of a USB LED light aren't as flexible as I'd hoped, so the helmet doesn't rotate—just as well, since real dive helmets don't rotate either.

My original paint scheme of an overall weathered bronze was poo-pooed by someone near-and-dear, so I'm having to rethink the painting...

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