Under the Sea

Finally done with this one! Here are the completed painted photos. The front window on the helmet opens, the shoulders and elbows are articulated, and the hands and claws are interchangeable. Copper, metallic grey, and light blue paint scheme using Tamiya acrylics. Overall height is about 9".


  1. i really like it!, great work congrats

  2. Hi J.A.O.C. Thanks for the complement!

  3. i love your work! I've seen the first time on deviantart, and now i follow your blog.

    So...i wrote you 'cause i have a blog where i post page of artist i like and i found on the web.
    I like to make a post 'bout your art, if you are available...
    this is my art blog: http://partiarte.blogspot.com/

    end these are the questions:

    1) hou do you approach to the job?

    2) are you always satisfied with the final result? if not, what do you do?

    3) where do you find the inspiration?

    4) seeing at the world oris just something inside of you?

    5) What are your artistic preferences and and how do they influence you?

    6) What's your hobby?

    if you want you can send me some of your works in jpeg and some links you would like to put with the post i'll write about you

    looking forward hearing from you
    thanks a lot for your attention



  4. This is freakin awesome, man.

    Keep doing what you do!